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CVS commit: wip/trayion

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   pmatias
Date:           Sat May 31 16:18:58 UTC 2008

Import into wip/trayion

Log Message:
Import trayion-0.1.2 as wip/trayion.

Trayion is an external systray application suitable for
using with Ion3.

It behaves like a Window Maker dockapp, so it can be
redirected into the Ion3 statusbar. It implements
FreeDesktop (XEmbed) trayicon protocol, so it can
show trayicons from Qt4 and gtk2 applications.

Trayion was based in wmsystray 0.1.1, by Matthew
Reppert, but was modified to be better suited to the
Ion3 statusbar.


Vendor Tag:     PMATIAS
Release Tags:   PMATIAS_20080531
N wip/trayion/PLIST
N wip/trayion/Makefile
N wip/trayion/DESCR
N wip/trayion/distinfo
N wip/trayion/patches/patch-ab
N wip/trayion/patches/patch-aa

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