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CVS commit: wip/p5-DBIx-Class

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   netcap
Date:           Sat Mar  3 09:03:17 UTC 2007

Modified Files:
        wip/p5-DBIx-Class: Makefile distinfo
Removed Files:
        wip/p5-DBIx-Class: TODO

Log Message:
Delete TODO, databases/p5-SQL-Abstract >= 1.2 already in pkgsrc.
Update to 0.07005.
Changes since 0.06001:
0.07005 2007-01-10 18:36:00
        - fixup changes file
        - remove erroneous .orig files - oops

0.07004 2007-01-09 21:52:00
        - fix find_related-based queries to correctly grep the unique key
        - fix InflateColumn to inflate/deflate all refs but scalar refs

0.07003 2006-11-16 11:52:00
        - fix for #22740 (use $^X instead of hardcoded "perl")
        - Tweaks to resultset to allow inflate_result to return an array
        - Fix UTF8Columns to work under Perl <= 5.8.0
        - Fix up new_result in ResultSet to avoid alias-related bugs
        - Made new/update/find handle 'single' rel accessor correctly
        - Fix NoBindVars to be safer and handle non-true bind values
        - Don't blow up if columns_info_for returns useless results
        - Documentation updates

0.07002 2006-09-14 21:17:32
        - fix quote tests for recent versions of SQLite
        - added reference implementation of Manual::Example
        - backported column_info_from_storage accessor from -current, but
          defaults true instead of false in 0.07xxx
        - fixed inflate_datetime.t tests/stringify under older Test::More
        - minor fixes for many-to-many relationship helpers
        - cleared up Relationship docs, and fixed some typos
        - use ref instead of eval to check limit syntax (to avoid issues with
        - update ResultSet::_cond_for_update_delete to handle more complicated
        - bugfix to Oracle columns_info_for
        - remove_columns now deletes columns from _columns

0.07001 2006-08-18 19:55:00
        - add directory argument to deploy()
        - support default aliases in many_to_many accessors.
        - support for relationship attributes in many_to_many accessors.
        - stop search_rs being destructive to attrs
        - better error reporting when loading components
        - UTF8Columns changed to use "utf8" instead of "Encode"
        - restore automatic aliasing in ResultSet::find() on nonunique queries
        - allow aliases in ResultSet::find() queries (in cases of relationships
          with prefetch)
        - pass $attrs to find from update_or_create so a specific key can be
        - remove anonymous blesses to avoid major speed hit on Fedora Core 5's
          Perl and possibly others; for more information see:

        - fix a pathological prefetch case
        - table case fix for Oracle in columns_info_for
        - stopped search_rs deleting attributes from passed hash

0.07000 2006-07-23 02:30:00
        - supress warnings for possibly non-unique queries, since
          _is_unique_query doesn't infer properly in all cases
        - skip empty queries to eliminate spurious warnings on ->deploy
        - fixups to ORDER BY, tweaks to deepen some copies in ResultSet
        - fixup for RowNum limit syntax with functions

0.06999_07 2006-07-12 20:58:05
        - fix issue with from attr copying introduced in last release

0.06999_06 2006-07-12 17:16:55
        - documentation for new storage options, fix S::A::L hanging on to $dbh
        - substantial refactor of search_related code to fix alias numbering
        - don't generate partial unique keys in ResultSet::find() when a table
          has more than one unique constraint which share a column and only one
          is satisfied
        - cleanup UTF8Columns and make more efficient
        - rename DBIX_CLASS_STORAGE_DBI_DEBUG to DBIC_TRACE (with compat)
        - rename _parent_rs to _parent_source in ResultSet
        - new FAQ.pod!

0.06999_05 2006-07-04 14:40:01
        - fix issue with incorrect $rs->{attrs}{alias}
        - fix subclassing issue with source_name
        - tweak quotes test to output text on failure
        - fix Schema->txn_do to not fail as a classmethod

0.06999_04 2006-06-29 20:18:47
        - disable cdbi-t/02-Film.t warning tests under AS perl
        - fixups to MySQL tests (aka "work round mysql being retarded")
        - compat tweaks for Storage debug logging

0.06999_03 2006-06-26 21:04:44
        - various documentation improvements
        - fixes to pass test suite on Windows
        - rewrote and cleaned up SQL::Translator tests
        - changed relationship helpers to only call ensure_class_loaded when the
          join condition is inferred 
        - rewrote many_to_many implementation, now provides helpers for adding
          and deleting objects without dealing with the link table
        - reworked InflateColumn implementation to lazily deflate where
          possible; now handles passing an inflated object to new()
        - changed join merging to not create a rel_2 alias when adding a join
          that already exists in a parent resultset
        - Storage::DBI::deployment_statements now calls ensure_connected
          if it isn't passed a type 
        - fixed Componentized::ensure_class_loaded
        - InflateColumn::DateTime supports date as well as datetime
        - split Storage::DBI::MSSQL into MSSQL and Sybase::MSSQL
        - fixed wrong debugging hook call in Storage::DBI 
        - set connect_info properly before setting any ->sql_maker things 

0.06999_02 2006-06-09 23:58:33
        - Fixed up POD::Coverage tests, filled in some POD holes
        - Added a warning for incorrect component order in load_components
        - Fixed resultset bugs to do with related searches
        - added code and tests for Componentized::ensure_class_found and
        - NoBindVars + Sybase + MSSQL stuff
        - only rebless S::DBI if it is still S::DBI and not a subclass
        - Added `use' statement for DBD::Pg in Storage::DBI::Pg
        - stopped test relying on order of unordered search
        - bugfix for join-types in nested joins using the from attribute
        - obscure prefetch problem fixed
        - tightened up deep search_related
        - Fixed 'DBIx/Class/ did not return a true value' error
        - Revert change to test for deprecated find usage and swallow warnings
        - Slight wording change to new_related() POD
        - new specific test for connect_info coderefs
        - POD clarification and content bugfixing + a few code formatting fixes
        - POD::Coverage additions
        - fixed debugfh
        - Fix column_info stomping

0.06999_01 2006-05-28 17:19:30
        - add automatic naming of unique constraints
        - marked as deprecated and noted it will be removed by 1.0
        - add ResultSetColumn
        - refactor ResultSet code to resolve attrs as late as possible
        - merge prefetch attrs into join attrs
        - add +select and +as attributes to ResultSet
        - added InflateColumn::DateTime component
        - refactor debugging to allow for profiling using Storage::Statistics
        - removed Data::UUID from deps, made other optionals required
        - modified SQLT parser to skip dupe table names
        - added remove_column(s) to ResultSource/ResultSourceProxy
        - added add_column alias to ResultSourceProxy
        - added source_name to ResultSource
        - load_classes now uses source_name and sets it if necessary
        - add update_or_create_related to Relationship::Base
        - add find_or_new to ResultSet/ResultSetProxy and find_or_new_related
          to Relationship::Base
        - add accessors for unique constraint names and coulums to
        - rework ResultSet::find() to search unique constraints
        - CDBICompat: modify retrieve to fix column casing when ColumnCase is
        - CDBICompat: override find_or_create to fix column casing when
          ColumnCase is loaded
        - reorganized and simplified tests
        - added Ordered
        - added the ability to set on_connect_do and the various sql_maker
          options as part of Storage::DBI's connect_info.

0.06003 2006-05-19 15:37:30
        - make find_or_create_related check defined() instead of truth
        - don't unnecessarily fetch rels for cascade_update
        - don't set_columns explicitly in update_or_create; instead use
          update($hashref) so InflateColumn works
        - fix for has_many prefetch with 0 related rows
        - make limit error if rows => 0
        - added memory cycle tests and a long-needed weaken call

0.06002 2006-04-20 00:42:41
        - fix set_from_related to accept undef
        - fix to Dumper-induced hash iteration bug
        - fix to copy() with non-composed resultsource
        - fix to ->search without args to clone rs but maintain cache
        - grab $self->dbh once per function in Storage::DBI
        - nuke ResultSource caching of ->resultset for consistency reasons
        - fix for -and conditions when updating or deleting on a ResultSet

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