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CVS commit: wip/links1

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Sun Apr  9 14:02:45 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
        wip/links1: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.00pre16:

=== RELEASE 1.00pre16 ===

Sun Apr  2 19:38:12 MET 2006 user:

        Fixed some quirks when URL contained multiple '#' characters
        Allow '#' in ftp password

Sun Apr  2 19:09:20 MET 2006 user:

        Better parsing of FTP directories (fixes Quick 'n Easy FTP Server)

Thu Mar 30 20:11:25 cet 2006 mikulas:

        Location: field in HTTP reply is now allowed to contain position
        specification '#'

Thu Mar 23 15:26:23 MET 2006 user:

        Do not send Accept-Language to a buggy Netscape-Enterprise server
        Do not send "en" language twice in Accept-Language

Thu Mar 23 15:26:15 MET 2006 user:

        Changes license to allow linking with OpenSSL

Sun Mar 19 03:07:56 MET 2006 mikulas:


Sat Mar 11 04:07:42 MET 2006 mikulas:

        An option to turn off IP type-of-service (some misconfigured firewalls
        drop packets with it)

Mon Mar  6 17:30:53 MET 2006 mikulas:

        When clicking on images with keyboard, submit point (1,1), not (0,0)
        (work around another bug on
        Submit value attribute with image

Sun Mar  5 20:48:08 MET 2006 mikulas:

        Make multipart boundary format compatible with Netscape (unfortunatelly
        there are buggy servers that depend on it --- for example
        Do not send Content-Type when there's no file to upload

Mon Feb 27 05:23:34 cet 2006 mikulas:

        Make textarea wrapping default (compatible with Mozilla, Netscape has
        default no wrapping)

Sat Feb 11 02:35:25 cet 2006 mikulas:

        More bug-compatible parsing of superfluous quotation marks

Mon Feb  6 21:27:13 MET 2006 mikulas:

        Fixed compile error because of strtonum name clash on current OpenBSD

Sun Feb  5 18:22:28 MET 2006 mikulas:

        Case-insensitive search of all characters

Mon Jan 23 18:26:24 MET 2006 mikulas:

        Fixed textarea content corruption due to overlapping areas in memcpy

Thu Jan 19 18:13:13 MET 2006 user:

        Disallow access to proxy:// urls from user interface
        (they are internal-only)

Sun Jan 15 05:51:49 MET 2006 user:

        Preserve config and history in case of IO error (including full disk)
        (bookmarks were already handled correcly)

Thu Dec 22 15:15:07 MET 2005 mikulas:

        Discard mouse events while user viewer is in foreground (but due to some
        quirks in gpm/svgalib, it may still produce spurious mouse-click events)

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