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CVS commit: wip/firefox2

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   ghen
Date:           Thu Mar 30 06:40:43 UTC 2006

Import into wip/firefox2

Log Message:
Import Firefox 2.0alpha1 ("Bon Echo") as firefox2.  This package uses gtk2.

Bon Echo Alpha 1 is a developer preview release of our next generation Firefox
browser and it is being made available for testing purposes only. Bon Echo
Alpha 1 is intended for web application developers and our testing community.
Current users of Mozilla Firefox 1.x should not use Bon Echo Alpha 1.


Vendor Tag:     ghen
Release Tags:   ghen_20060330
N wip/firefox2/DESCR
N wip/firefox2/distinfo
N wip/firefox2/PLIST
N wip/firefox2/Makefile
N wip/firefox2/PLIST2
N wip/firefox2/PLIST15
N wip/firefox2/Makefile-firefox.common
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-eb
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dv
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-du
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dt
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ds
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dr
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-do
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dm
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dl
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dk
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dj
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dh
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-df
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dd
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-dc
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-db
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cn
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cm
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cl
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ck
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cj
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ci
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ch
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cg
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cd
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-cb
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ca
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bz
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-by
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bx
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bv
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ea
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bu
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bs
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-br
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bq
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bo
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bm
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-bb
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ba
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ax
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-aw
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-aq
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ap
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ao
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-an
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-al
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ak
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-aj
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ai
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ah
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ag
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-af
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ae
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ad
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ac
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-ab
N wip/firefox2/patches/patch-aa

No conflicts created by this import

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