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CVS commit: wip/cjk-latex

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   rxg
Date:           Mon Feb 27 18:08:47 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
        wip/cjk-latex: DEINSTALL INSTALL Makefile PLIST distinfo
        wip/cjk-latex/patches: patch-aa patch-ac patch-aj

Log Message:

Updated cjk-latex to 4.6.0.

2005-08-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Set version to 4.6.0.

        * doc/history.txt, doc/INSTALL, Makefile (version): Updated.

        Update headers in all text files.

2005-08-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/CEF.txt, doc/CJK.txt, doc/CJKutf8.txt, doc/INSTALL,
        doc/TDS.txt, doc/cjk-enc.txt, doc/commands.txt, doc/dvidrv.txt,
        doc/fonts.txt, doc/hbf2gf.txt, doc/history.2_5, doc/history.txt,
        doc/pinyin.txt, doc/pyhyphen.txt, doc/ruby.txt, doc/thaifont.txt,
        doc/vertical.txt: Updated and revised.

2005-08-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * COPYING: Updated to new FSF address.

2005-08-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        After email exchange with Ross Paterson, the old (too restrictive)
        license of the hbf module has been changed to the three-clause BSD
        license -- Ross no longer maintains and distributes this code.

        * utils/hbf2gf/hbf.c: Change license to BSD.
        (strdup) [WIN32]: Define.  Change taken from teTeX distribution.

        * utils/hbf2gf/hbf.c: Change license to BSD.

        * utils/hbf2gf/config.guess, utils/hbf2gf/config.sub: Updated to
        current versions.

        * utils/hbf2gf/configure: Regenerated with autoconf 2.59b.

2005-08-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Update files to compile with the forthcoming TeXLive 2005.

        * doc/README: Updated, extended.

        * examples/muletest.tex: Updated to new VnTeX (for Vietnamese).
        Use type1ec.sty.
        Suppress hyphenation.

        * examples/CJKbabel.tex: Don't use t5.sty but `vietnam' option of
        Use type1ec.sty.

        * examples/CJKmixed.tex: Define and use `TChinese' environment.
        Call \CJKhorz at the beginning of document.

        * examples/CJKutf8.tex: Don't use cyberbit but the new Unicode
        (virtual) fonts of gbsn, bsmi, and mj.

        * texinput/Bg5/c00bsmi.fdx: Updated to new bsmi vertical glyph font.

        * texinput/Bg5/c00bkai.fdx: New file.

        * texinput/UTF8/c70bkai.fd, texinput/UTF8/c70bkai.fdx,
        texinput/UTF8/c70bsmi.fd, texinput/UTF8/c70bsmi.fdx,
        texinput/UTF8/c60gbsn.fd, texinput/UTF8/c70gkai.fd,
        texinput/UTF8/c70mj.fd: New files.

        * utils/pyhyphen/pytest.tex: Usae type1ec.sty.

        * Makefile: Add rules for new example and documentation files.
        (version): Set top 4.5.3.
        (CJK2DVI, LATEX2DVI): Add `utils/pyhyphen' to TEXINPUTS variable.
        (DVI2PS): Replace it with...
        (DVI2PDF): New variable.
        Update all callers.
        (MULE): Add path to `cjk-enc.el' while calling emacs.
        (DISTTARGETS): Add new example and documentation files.
        (predistdoc): Don't create `ps' but `pdf' subdirectories.
        (manpages): Add `-ww' option to groff.
        Don't create `ps' but `pdf' files.
        (cweb): Don't create `ps' but `pdf' file.

2005-08-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/*.doc, doc/japanese/*.doc, doc/chinese/*.doc,
        contrib/wadalab/DNP.doc: Renamed to ...
        * doc/*.txt, doc/japanese/*.txt, doc/chinese/*.txt,
        contrib/wadalab/DNP.txt: This.

        Update all references.

2005-08-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * texinput/CJKvert.sty (\CJKvert, \CJKhorz): Make commands act
        completely local.
        * doc/history.txt: Mention it.

        * doc/pdf/HOWTO.txt: Mention new $SFDFONTS variable from TDS 1.1.

2005-08-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Update of HLaTeX support to version 1.0.1.

        * texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63mg.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63mgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63mmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63mnv.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63msr.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63ol.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pbm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pgr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pgs.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pmg.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pmgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pmmj.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pmnv.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pmsr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pol.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63ppg.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63ppn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63psm.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63ptt.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pyt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63sm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63tt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64mg.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64mgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64mmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64mnv.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64msr.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64ol.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pbm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pgr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pgs.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pmg.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pmgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pmmj.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pmnv.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pmsr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pol.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64ppg.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64ppn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64psm.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64ptt.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pyt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64sm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64tt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65mg.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65mgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65mmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65mnv.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65msr.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65ol.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pbm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pgr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pgs.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pmg.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pmgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pmmj.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pmnv.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pmsr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pol.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65ppg.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65ppn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65psm.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65ptt.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pyt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65sm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65tt.fd: Removed.

        * texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63dn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63jgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63jmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63jnv.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63jsr.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pga.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63ph.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63sh.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63tz.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63vd.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64dn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64jgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64jmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64jnv.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64jsr.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pga.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64ph.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64sh.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64tz.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64vd.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65dn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65jgt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65jmj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65jnv.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65jsr.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pga.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65ph.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65sh.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65tz.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65vd.fd: New files.

        * texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63bm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63gr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63gs.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63gt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63mj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pg.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63pn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c63yt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64bm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64gr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64gs.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64gt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64mj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pg.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64pn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c64yt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65bm.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65gr.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65gs.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65gt.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65mj.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pg.fd,
        texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65pn.fd, texinput/KS/HLaTeX/c65yt.fd: Updated.

        * texinput/KS/HLaTeX/pshan.sty: No longer needed.  Make it empty for
        backwards compatibility.

        * texinput/CJK.enc (\CJK@KSHL@enc): Updated.

        * doc/history.txt, doc/CJK.doc: Updated.

2005-08-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/subfont/ (read_tfmfile): Fix reading CHARWD,
        CHARHT, and CHARDP.

2005-07-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/subfont/ New script to produce Unicode virtual
        subfonts from encoding specific subfonts.

2005-07-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * contrib/wadalab/DNP.sfd: Fix typo.  Found by Shunsaku Hirata.
        * contrib/wadalab/ Since Wadalab fonts have already
        been uploaded to CTAN, and the bug in DNP.sfd makes it necessary to
        regenerate the fonts, and to update the version number and creation

2005-07-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/subfonts/, utils/subfonts/ Fix typos.

        * utils/subfonts/ New script to produce a VF clone of
        a TFM file.

2005-07-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/subfonts/ New script to create FDX entries.

2005-07-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/subfonts/, utils/subfonts/,
        utils/subfonts/, utils/ New perl and FontForge
        scripts for creating and handling subfonts.

2005-07-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * contrib/wadalab/, contrib/wadalab/ New
        scripts which fix glyph names and create virtual Unicode fonts for
        the Wadalab font families.

        * contrib/wadalab/DNP.sfd: A subfont definition file used by
        `' and `'.

        * contrib/wadalab/c70goth.fd, contrib/wadalab/c70maru.fd,
        contrib/wadalab/c70min.fd: New font definition files for Wadalab
        fonts in Unicode encoding.

        * contrib/wadalab/DNP.doc: Completely revised and updated.

2005-07-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/history.txt: Updated.

2005-07-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/thaifont/tools/c90.etx: Fix some typos.

2005-07-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Update Thai support:

        . Use fontinst.  We no longer need virtual fonts.
        . Replace support for dbtt (which has an uncertain license) with
        . Update to TDS 1.1.

        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/base/dbtt.enc: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/config/config.dbtt: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/config/ Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/dbtt/*: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/vf/public/dbtt/*: Removed.

        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/base/norasi.enc: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/config/config.norasi: Move to...
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/norasi/config.norasi: Here.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/config/ Moved to...
        * utils/thai/font/texmf/fonts/map/dvips/norasi/ Here.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/norasi/ftnr9z,
        utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/norasi/ftno9z: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/norasi/ftnr8z,
        utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/norasi/ftno8z: Updated.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/vf/public/norasi/*: Removed.

        * utils/thaifont/texmf/dvips/garuda/config.garuda: New file.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/map/dvips/garuda/ New file.
        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/garuda/fgdr8z,
        utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/garuda/fgdo8z: New files.

        * utils/thaifont/texmf/fonts/enc/dvips/thai/c90.enc: New file,
        generated by fontinst.

        * utils/thaifont/tools/c90.etx: New file.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/c90.mtx: New file.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/garuda.fontinst: New file.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/norasi.fontinst: New file.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/INSTALL: New file.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/dbtt-old/*: New files.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/README: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/thai-dummy.afm: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/thai.enc: Removed.
        * utils/thaifont/tools/thailigs.vpl: Removed.

        * texinput/thai/c90cmss.fd, texinput/thai/c90cmtt.fd,
        texinput/thai/c90nrsr.fd: Updated.
        * texinput/thai/c90dbss.fd: Removed.
        * texinput/thai/c90gar.fd: New file.

2005-06-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Remove the `rotate' keyword for vertical typesetting and introduce
        the opposite, `norotate'.

        * texinput/Bg5/c00bsmir.fdx, texinput/Bg5/c00kair.fdx: New files.

        * doc/fdxfiles.doc, doc/vertical.doc, texinput/Bg5/c00bsmi.fdx,
        texinput/GB/c10gbsn.fdx, texinput/CJKvert.sty: Updated.

2005-06-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * examples/CJKmixed.tex: New example file to demonstrate how to
        use CJK scripts vertically and horizontally at the same time.

2005-06-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/vertical.doc: Mention that you need an `.fdx' file if you
        want to use rotated glyphs for vertical typesetting.

2005-05-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/CJK.doc: Improve documentation of `encapsulated' option. 
        Suggested by Brian Murphy.

2005-04-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * texinput/UTF8/UTF8.chr (\CJK@punctchar): Wrap code after \usefont
        into three groups to make it work with CJKulem.sty.

        * texinput/CJKutf8.sty, examples/CJKutf8.tex, doc/CJKutf8.doc: New

        * doc/history.txt: Updated.

2005-04-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/lisp/emacs/cjk-enc.el (cjk-viscii-lower, cjk-viscii-upper),
        utils/lisp/mule-2.3/cjk-enc.el (cjk-viscii-lower, cjk-viscii-upper):
        Update to next vntex version which no longer uses dblaccnt.sty.

2005-03-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * texinput/CJK.sty (\CJKspace): Don't use \relax but \@empty.

2005-03-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/CJK.doc: Mention `CJKbookmarks' option of hyperref package.

2005-02-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * README: Updated.  No public CVS access possible currently.

2004-07-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/lisp/emacs/thai-word.el (thai-word-table): Use Thai word
        list from IBM's ICU4J project; it is slightly larger and uses an
        X license.

2004-07-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/lisp/emacs-20.3/*: Moved to...
        * utils/lisp/emacs/*: This.

        * utils/thaifont/tools/thai.enc: Minor updates.  Will be replaced
        with a fontinst solution soon.

2004-06-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/reftex.doc: New file.
        * doc/history.txt: Updated.

2004-06-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/lisp/emacs-20.3/cjk-enc.el (cjk-write-all-files): Handle
        case where files are in other directories.  Bug reported by Hartwig

        * doc/cjk-enc.doc, doc/history.txt: Updated.
2004-06-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * contrib/wadalab/c42goth.fdx, contrib/wadalab/c42maru.fdx,
        contrib/wadalab/c42min.fdx: Don't rotate the Hiragana-Katagana
        prolongation mark.

        * doc/vertical.doc: Updated.
        Move text describing .fdx files to...
        * doc/fdxfiles.doc: New file.

        * texinput/CJK.sty: Minor spelling improvements.

2004-06-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * contrib/wadalab/DNP.doc: Improve patch for wftodm.c.

2004-04-29  Werner LEMBERG  <
            Wenchang Sun  <>

        Add a style file for various CJK font effects.

        * texinput/CJKfntef.sty, examples/CJKfntef.tex: New files.
        * doc/CJK.doc, doc/history.txt: Document it.

2004-03-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * texinput/*.enc: Replace \relax with \@empty in the \CJK@namegdef
        assignments to assure that we only have expansion at this macro

        * doc/history.txt: Updated.

2004-02-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Bug fix: Umlaut u with diacritic appears bold.

        * texinput/pinyin.sty (\py@@@v): Apply kerning at correct place.

2004-02-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Bug fix: Umlaut u with macron above was broken.

        * texinput/pinyin.sty (\py@macron): Add second argument to
        initialize \dimen@.  Update all callers.

2004-02-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        Bug fix: Use user-defined \CJKglue value.

        * texinput/CJKulem.sty (\CJK@skip): New skip register.
        (\UL@CJKglue): Use it.
        (\UL@hook): Initialize \CJK@skip.
        Move assignments of \LA@CJKglue, \LA@Thaiglue, and \LA@Thaibreak
        to here.

2004-02-05  Wenchang Sun  <>

        Bug fix: Disable line breaks before a post-punctuation CJK glyph
        when \uline, \uwave, etc., are used.

        * texinput/CJK.sty (\CJKnobreakglue): New macro.
        (\Unicode): Use it.

        * texinput/CJKulem.sty (\UL@CJKnobreakglue): New macro.

        * texinput/standard.chr, texinput/extended.chr, texinput/pmC.chr,
        texinput/Bg5/bg5.chr, texinput/JIS/EUC-JP.chr,
        texinput/SJIS/SJIS.chr, texinput/SJIS/SJISdnp.chr,
        texinput/UTF8/UTF8.chr, texinput/CNS/EUC-TW.chr (\CJK@char,
        \CJK@charx, \CJK@punctchar, \CJK@punctcharx): Use \CJKnobreakglue.

2004-02-02  Hin-Tak Leung  <>

        * doc/pdf/*: New directory tree documenting usage of CJK for
        improved PDF output.
        * doc/history.txt: Document it.

2004-01-29  Wenchang Sun  <>

        * texinput/CJK.sty (\CJKpunctsymbol): New \let to \CJKsymbol.

        * texinput/standard.chr, texinput/extended.chr, texinput/pmC.chr,
        texinput/Bg5/bg5.chr, texinput/JIS/EUC-JP.chr, texinput/KS/KS.chr,
        texinput/SJIS/SJIS.chr, texinput/SJIS/SJISdnp.chr,
        texinput/UTF8/UTF8.chr, texinput/CNS/EUC-TW.chr (\CJK@punctchar,
        \CJK@punctcharx): Replace \CJKsymbol with \CJKpunctsymbol.

2003-10-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        A first step to allow modification of horizontal character widths
        which is needed for CJK fonts which don't have punctuation glyphs
        centered within the CJK square.  The same mechanism will work with
        vertical glyphs also; since a common interface will differ from the
        current implementation, *.fdv files are renamed to *.fdx.  Note that
        special character width handling of punctuation characters is still

        * texinput/CJK.sty (\CJK@load@fdx): New function, used as a hook
        for \try@load@fontshape.  It defines the macros \CJKhdef, \CJKhlet,
        \CJKvdef, and \CJKvlet.  The writing direction is appended to the
        character macros -- this also fixes a bug for vertical writing
        support with Big5 encoding (some characters disappeared in the
        output without any warning due to character macro name clashes with
        the subfont macro names).
        (\CJK@direction): New macro to select the writing direction.
        (\ifCJK@vertical@): Moved to CJKvert.sty.

        * texinput/CJKvert.sty (\ifCJK@vertical@): Moved from CJK.sty.
        (\CJKvert, \CJKhorz): Set \CJK@direction.
        (\CJKsymbol): Updated to use writing direction.
        (\CJK@load@fdv): Removed.

        * texinput/*.chr: Simplified since \ifCJK@vertical@ is no longer

        * texinput/*.fdv, contrib/wadalab/*.fdv: Renamed to...
        * texinput/*.fdx, contrib/wadalab/*.fdx: This.

2003-10-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * texinput/mule/MULEenc.sty: Fix positions of \texordfeminine and

2003-09-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        With the help of Paul Eggert <> and Edward 
        Lee <>, the conversion scripts now 

        * utils/Bg5conv/bg5{pdf,}latex,
        utils/extconv/{bg5+{pdf,}latex,gbk{pdf,}latex}: Rewritten to accept
        * doc/history.txt: Updated.

2003-09-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * utils/Bg5conv/bg5pdflatex,
        utils/extconv/{bg5+pdflatex,gbkpdflatex}: New scripts to call
        * doc/history.txt: Updated.

2003-07-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * texinput/mule/MULEenc.sty: Add some \@gobble macros in commands
        defined with \mule@def.
        Change definition of Thai EOL macro to make it really work.
        (\mule@ignorespaces, \Thaispace, \Thainospace): New macros.

        * doc/cjk-enc.doc, doc/history.txt: Document \Thaispace and

2003-03-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

        * doc/CJK.doc: Add item how to handle \bibliography which has
        author names containing CJK characters.

        * utils/hbf2gf/hbf2gf.1: Minor workarounds for current grohtml bugs.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 wip/cjk-latex/DEINSTALL \
    wip/cjk-latex/patches/patch-aa wip/cjk-latex/patches/patch-ac
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1 -r1.2 wip/cjk-latex/patches/patch-aj
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 wip/cjk-latex/INSTALL
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 wip/cjk-latex/distinfo
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 wip/cjk-latex/PLIST
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.9 -r1.10 wip/cjk-latex/Makefile

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Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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