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CVS commit: wip/treetool

Module name:    pkgsrc-wip
Committed by:   daprice
Date:           Fri Feb 25 20:51:43 UTC 2005

Import into wip/treetool

Log Message:
 TREETOOL Created by Mike MaciukenasModified and maintained by Mike McCaughey 
Ribosomal RNA Database Project University of Illinois Report bugs to Treetool is an interactive tool for 
displaying, editing, andprinting phylogenetic trees. The tree is displayed 
visually on screen, in various formats, and theuser is able to modify the 
format, structure, and characteristics of the tree. Trees may be viewed, 
compared, formatted for printing, constructed from smaller trees, etc... 
Treetool works with Newick format tree files (Paup and Phylip compatible). It 
handles multifurcating trees, branch lengths (evolutionary distances), 
rooted/unrooted trees, and multiple trees per file. It can print to a 
PostScript printer, or output PICT graphics for Macintosh drawing programs 
(MacDraw). Treetool 2.0.1 is available in binary form for Sun Sparc machines 
(Sun 4's) and in source form. Treetool requires X-windows (from MIT), and the 
Xview toolkit (from Sun Microsystems)
 . Both are free (copyrighted) software, available readily from a number of 
sources (both are available by anonymous ftp to


Vendor Tag:     daprice
Release Tags:   daprice_20050225
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