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CVS commit: wip/turba

Module name:    pkgsrc-wip
Committed by:   adrian_p
Date:           Thu Feb 17 13:38:54 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
        wip/turba: MESSAGE Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:

Log Message:
- Migrate to Turba 2.0.2 for use with the Horde 3.x framework
- Add for using mysql or ldap for data storage
- Clean up MESSAGE due to the new Horde 3.x framework
- Fix absolute paths in apache file fragment

> ------
> v2.0.2
> ------
> [jan] Fixed warning in browse view (Bug1363).
> ------
> v2.0.1
> ------
> [jan] Fixed some javascript errors when clicking on the column headers to
>       resort contact listings (Bug1313).
> [cjh] Quote LDAP DN entries according to RFC 1485 (Bug1146).
> [cjh] When importing vCard 3.0 ADR fields, try to build a composite entry for
>       workAddress or homeAddress, and keep the street address in workStreet or
>       homeStreet (Bug1109).
> [jan] Implement OR searches in IMSP driver (Michael Rubinsky
>       <mike (at)>, Bug1256).
> ----------
> v2.0.1-RC1
> ----------
> [jan] Create compose links for all email addresses at once in contact listings
>       (requires IMP 4.0.2).
> [jan] Open compose windows from the portal's minisearch block in the correct
>       frame (Bug1293).
> [jan] Several performance optimizations.
> [jan] Don't return empty result sets in search API (Bug1210).
> [cjh] Support TLS connections to LDAP servers (Bug1149).
> ----
> v2.0
> ----
> [cjh] UIDs need to be stored in the History system with a turba: prefix and
>       with the contact owner so as not to confuse different instances of the
>       same contact (if two users both have a contact in their seperate
>       addressbooks in a private source, they should have unique histories for
>       those contacts).
> [cjh] Improve error and permission checking.
> --------
> v2.0-RC3
> --------
> [cjh] Prevent copying/moving of groups (Bug935).
> [cjh] Fix IMSP groups (Michael Rubinsky <mike (at)>)
> [jan] Fix propagating of monthdayyear fields (Bug920).
> [jan] Fix SOAP namespace for API method signatures.
> [cjh] Change to Turba::getMenu(), fixes the menu on the Options screen 
> (Bug898).
> [jan] Fix some javascript errors with IE 5.0.
> --------
> v2.0-RC2
> --------
> [cjh] Don't overwrite form data with object defaults when editing if
>       validation fails (Bug883).
> [cjh] Use source permissions if they are present, and if not, fall back to the
>       old source admin array (Bug853).
> [cjh] Ignore any __-prefixed attribute in building search criteria (Bug877).
> --------
> v2.0-RC1
> --------
> [mms] Fixed the delete API to not exit with error if the item to be deleted
>       is not found in the first source provided.
> [cjh] Removed miniwindow.php; it simply provided a frame around Turba
>       with a close button.
> ---------
> v2.0-BETA
> ---------
> [jan] Allow to group fields into tabs.
> [mms] Link email address in object view.
> [cjh] Merge the code for Turba_Source and Turba_Driver into simply
>       Turba_Driver.
> [jan] Add Persian (Western) translation (Vahid Ghafarpour
>       <vahid (at)>).
> [jan] Add configuration option to require certain fields in the LDAP driver.
>       (Tarjei Huse <tarjei+a_lists.phpgw (at)>).
> [cjh] Support custom field mappings in CSV exports, and add an Outlook export
>       type.
> [cjh] Allow replacing your addressbook with an imported one (Francois Marier
>       <francois (at)>).
> [cjh] Don't show source selection dropdowns in cases where there would only be
>       one choice (Francois Marier <francois (at)>).
> [cjh] Turba's API has been consolidated somewhat, with a unified import method
>       replacing add, addContact, and import_vcard.
> [jan] Add access keys.
> [cjh] Add Kolab drivers (Stuart Bingë <s.binge (at)>).
> [cjh] The alphabetic pager now has an "All" option.
> ----------
> v2.0-ALPHA
> ----------
> [cjh] Show an alphabetic pager for browsing address books (Mike Bydalek
>       <mbydalek (at)>).
> [cjh] Rename LDAP objects when their DN changes (Tarjei Huse
>       <tarjei+a_lists.phpgw (at)>).
> [cjh] Add exporting of VCards from the browse/search view (Mike Bydalek
>       <mbydalek (at)>).
> [cjh] Initial IMSP driver (Michael Rubinsky <mike (at)>).
> [cjh] Use Horde_UI_Pager to page browse results (Joel Vandal
>       <jvandal (at)>).
> [cjh] Basic support for setting permissions on Turba sources (Joel Vandal
>       <jvandal (at)>).
> [cjh] Unify search and advanced search code to use a much more similar
>       interface (Joel Vandal <jvandal (at)>).
> [cjh] Javascript delete confirmation is now available as a preference ("W.
>       David Betts" <david (at)>).
> [cjh] Searching composite fields, and other complex generated searching, now
>       works with the LDAP driver.
> [cjh] Track addition, modification, and deletion of contacts with the Horde
>       History:: API.
> [cjh] Use arbitrary search support to include searching of composite fields.
> [cjh] Turba_Drivers are now capable of arbitrary searches, including unlimited
>       nested combinations of AND and OR searches.
> [cjh] Add the ability to link fields in the backend into a composite field,
>       which is not editable, but which displays the correct value.
> [cjh] Add the ability to move or copy contacts to a separate addressbook.
> [cjh] Display multiple email addresses more intelligently (John Dalbec
>       <jpdalbec (at)>).
> [cjh] Allow setting a limit on the number of queries returned by an LDAP
>       search (Andrew Morgan <morgan (at)>).
> [cjh] Add edit/delete links in browse views.
> [cjh] Preference for default directory for searches, etc. (Richard Heggs
>       <Richard.Heggs (at)>).
> [cjh] Add support for listing/adding/retrieval of public keys (Michael M
>       Slusarz <slusarz (at)>).
> [cjh] Use the new PrefsUI class.
> [jon] Adapt to the new Horde::img() syntax.
> [cjh] Use the new Notification system.
> [jan] Remove the standard value for the language preference. The language to
>       fall back to should be set Horde wide in lang.php instead.

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    wip/turba/PLIST wip/turba/distinfo

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