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Re: netbsd-9 and pkgsrc-2022Q3 (libunwind and GCC 10)

On Wed, 7 Sep 2022, John D. Baker wrote:

> If I want to use GCC 10 to build all of my packages, should I build
> it first, then put a global "GCC_REQD+=10" in "/etc/mk.conf", and then
> proceed to update the rest of my packages?  Am I likely to run into
> a circular dependency and if so, how to avoid it?

This is exactly what I did and it seems to have worked just fine.  I've
completed one full cycle of building my usual complement of packages on
and for netbsd-9/amd64 from pkgsrc-HEAD with gcc10.

The only nagging bit is that when running 'pkg_rolling-replace', 'tsort'
reports "cycle in data" due to potential circular dependencies.  Eventually
these reduced to just "gsed, gcc10" and "digest, gcc10" and appear to
be harmless otherwise.

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