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Re: mailman vs. py-dns


> Am 27.08.2022 um 19:49 schrieb Thomas Klausner <>:
> On Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 07:41:10PM +0200, wrote:
>> i just ran across a problem updating packages when pkg_rolling-replace hit py-dns.
>> py-dns is required for building mailman - which still is in production despite the use of py27, since there is no clean upgrade path.
>> Nevertheless, recent updates make mailman in pkgsrc unbuildable, unless you have an old version of py27-dns on your system.
>> How can we proceed?
> There's nothing to do.  mailman depends on py-dns1 which contains a
> version of py-dns that supports python 2.7.
> If you see a problem, it's due to pkg_rolling-replace
Indeed.  pkg_rolling-replace tried to update py27-dns, probably beause the installed mailman depends on that.  And then fails in py-dns.
After rebuilding mailman manually pkg_rolling-replace seems to work as expected.
> or your pkgsrc
> not being completely up-to-date.
> Thomas


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