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Re: PLIST issues compiling devel/boost-libs with clang

On Thu, 25 Aug 2022 16:55:17 +0200
Edgar Fuß <> wrote:

> Trying to build devel/boost-libs with PKGSRC_COMPILER=clang seems to lead 
> to PLIST errors:

> What's going on here? It looks like an error in the Boost build system to me, 
> but I suppose I'm not the only person on earth trying to build boost with i
> clang? GCC only emits a warning if given -std=c++nn for a pure C input file.

I think this is more a case of trying to use clang with a too old
version of libstdc++ from base, which doesn't have the necessary c++17
bits. With a more recent version of libstdc++ or libc++, you won't get
these PLIST issues with clang. Installing libcxx from pkgsrc and
compiling with -stdlib=libc++ might help but it's a sparsely tested


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