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Re: How to adjust runtime search paths

On Sun, Aug 21, 2022 at 09:24:10PM +0200, Niclas Rosenvik wrote:
> Hi Mayuresh, I think one way to do that you want is to use
> instead of using patchelf. I have not tested it myself with
> raspberry-userland since I don't run arm.
> rpath-exact and other transform options are documented in
> mk/wrapper/ .

Thank you Niclas. I will try this next time I get a chance.

My effort to RPI4 is halted currently due to lack of progress, unstable
wifi (even with 2 external adapters) and finally facing the "synchronous
exception" on the device (not booting).

As of halting I was not able to get videos to play using non accelerated
methods (mpv, vlc, mplayer, ffmpeg5 with no rpi option). It looked
improbable to get it to work with rpi option as omxplayer wasn't able to
play them anyway.


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