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Re: Upgrading lang/rust to 1.62.1

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

> it's time again to upgrade rust in main pkgsrc.  Upstream has
> just published 1.63.0, and 1.61.0, 1.62.0 and 1.62.1 have all
> been in pkgsrc-wip for quite a while.
> The only issue I've found is that i386 and powerpc with 1.61.0
> failed to build unless the "build with the internal LLVM" option
> is turned on.  The internal LLVM is now at verion 14.

I interpret this as:

  You are going to upgrade lang/rust from 1.60.0 to 1.62.1, in one

  1.61.0 without rust-llvm option fails on i386 and powerpc

  You turned on that option by default for i386 and powerpc when wip was
  at 1.61.0 and rebuilt bootstrap kits

  It doesn't matter any more about rust-llvm and 1.61.0 because that's
  historical (and we don't have a reproducible process for bootstrap
  history anyway, separate issue).

  The rust-llvm option SUGGESTED astus (which platforms it is enabled
  on) remain the same as 1.60.0.

but I'm not sure I got that right.

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