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Spotify issues

Hi all,

Since a week or so ago, I have been having issues playing any tracks using spotify-player.
The issue has been confirmed/reproduced on ncspot by Leot, thanks!

The problem is actually at Spotify's end (channel errors).
If you are interested in the details read about it here,

The situation for NetBSD users on the available players

is the following,

-Users on 2022Q2 using any of the available players are affected
-Users on pkgsrc-current are affected if using ncspot and/or spotify-player

Current users using librespot or spotify-qt should be fine.
I've merged librespot 0.4.2 a few days ago which, fixes the issue.

Going forward:
-I've been in touch with spotify-player upstream and they are preparing a new release bumping librespot to 0.4.2
-ncspot-0.10.1 already has librespot-0.4.2, unfortunately I can not merge the update as it requires Rust-1.62.1 to build.

Work around:
Add the following line to /etc/hosts

will allow you to stream Spotify as usual.
Remember to remove the line once you have a player using librespot-0.4.2 installed.


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