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openmpi 4.1.4, default mpi?

wip/openmpi is not yet ready to import, but now would be a good time for
anybody who cares about mpi to look.

mpi-ch is also out of date.

Assuming parallel/openmpi is updatd from wip, wip/scalapack builds with

Therefore, I wonder whether the default mpi should change to openmpi, or
if not what the rationale is; is silent on that.  (It
does caution about full rebuild when switching, but pretty much every N
provider situation is like that.)

Absent feedback, I might if I get to it:

  get wip/openmpi package to the point where I wouldn't complain if
  somebody else imported it

  update parallel/openmpi (the old version is so old as to be
  irrelevant, so no fallback plan)

  switch the default, but if things break, people who use MPI
  will have to dig in, and we can revert the default switch if there's
  rationale for that

If you don't like this, speak up -- I'm proceeding on the "nobody who
has time cares" assumption.

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