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Re: GoldenCheetah import bounty? (MLH) writes:

> I gave up trying to include GoldenCheetah in pkgsrc a while back.
> It is in various Linux distros and in FreeBSD ports. What would it
> cost to bring it to pkgsrc?

I don't know, but if you have an attempt you should feel free to put it
in wip.  wip allows broken/unfinished packages, and sometimes people
improve them and it gradually gets to working.

From a really quick look at their linux build instructions, it should be

Keep in mind that
  working pkgsrc package
  working package that builds on NetBSD

are two separate things.  Often, upstreams are not as portable as they
should be -- obviously, they should rely only on more or less POSIX and
on other projects that are portable, unless there's a good reason :-)

But seriously, if you can follow the upstream directions and build it by
hand, it can be packaged.  If you can't, then that's really an upstream
portability problem that should be addressed with upstream.  I have
found most projects are willing to take patches (pull request for
githubby projects) to improve portability, and it seems only a few are
firmly unreasonable.

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