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GFORTRAN_vERSION not being set


Using pkgsrc HEAD on an RHEL 7 system, GFORTRAN_VERSION is not being set. I discovered this while investigating a problem with devel/hdf and found that explicitly setting GFORTRAN_VERSION resolved the issue.

The pkgsrc Makefile for devel/hdf conditionally sets FFLAGS="-O -fallow-argument-mismatch" based on the value of GFORTRAN_version. In my case, it was setting it for a version of gfortran that does not recognize the option, and was causing configure to fail.

Rather than using the system-provided GCC, I am using GCC 7 built from pkgsrc and have GCC_REQD=7 and USE_PKGSRC_GCC=yes. However, bmake show-var VARNAME=GFORTRAN_VERSION returns an empty string. Shouldn't this variable be set automatically?


Iain Morgan

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