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Re: cairomm-1.14.3 failing to build (ninja bombing out)

Greywolf <> writes:

> Hi, all, I'm wanting to build inkscape but...
> ===> build-message [cairomm-1.14.3] ===> Building for cairomm-1.14.3
> [error]

Your bug report is lacking lots of information.

  up-to-date netbsd-9
  pkgsrc HEAD, with all packages up to date as of about yesterday
  with a bunch of stuff already installed (e.g. gimp)

I typed 'make package-install' in inkscape.  It built, in just under 2h,
and that included building cairomm.  I can run inkscape and need to
learn how to use it (was on my eventual TODO list anyway).

So, you may want to

  pkg_admin check
  pkg_admin rebuild-tree
  ensure you have a consistent pkgsrc tree and set of installed binaries
  post details of system and pkgsrc setup

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