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rust 1.61.0 status


I've been doing some testing of building rust.

All the usual cross compiles worked fine, but these all have to
be done with the rust-llvm option set (has been that way for
quite a while).

I've now tested building rust without rust-llvm on NetBSD/i386
8.0 and 9.0, and that now fails with

error: unexpected `cfg` condition name
  --> library/core/src/num/dec2flt/
11 | #[cfg(all(target_arch = "x86", not(target_feature = "sse2")))]
   |                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   = note: `-D unexpected-cfgs` implied by `-D warnings`

and a lot of similar errors.

Turning on the rust-llvm option makes the build succeed, at least
on NetBSD/i386 8.0.

I see in the changes for rust 1.60.0:

- [Upgrade to LLVM 14][93577]

while the pkgsrc versions of llvm I have installed are version 13
(which is the newest pkgsrc version).  These two aspects may be
related, and we may have to turn on the rust-llvm option in the
(wip) rust package until pkgsrc llvm is at version 14.


- Håvard

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