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Re: tcp_wrapper / no STYLE=-DPROCESS_OPTIONS

"K. Schreiner" <> writes:

> while chasing problems w/ access to ssh I've found that tcp_wrappers
> are compiled without STYLE=-DPROCESS_OPTIONS, so only the basic syntax
> in hosts.allow was recognized.
> Is there a special reason for not compiling tcp_wrappers by default

This is usually a little complicatd.

In theory, if someone had thought about it, and decided not to add that,
there would be a comment.  But in practice, there probably wouldn't be :-(.

Typically, we try to build things following the upstream build
instructions, unless that involves some big dependency that can be
avoided by disabling something people don't need.

Wow, a home page on ftp.  And, a distfile from 2004.  So this is

The README does not mention PROCESS_OPTIONS.

Reading the man page, PROCESS_OPTIONS enables running proceses, which
seems perhaps unsafe given that this program is unmaintained.

However, the copy of tcp_wrappers in the NetBSD base system has been
defined with PROCESS_OPTIONS since 1997, so that is good precedent.

I don't follow




but that isn't the hard part.

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