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Modular Xorg vs. native Xorg


I am using native Xorg; over the years some packages from Modular have
been pulled by some programs and have been working without a problem.

On my last pkg_rolling-replace I got a number of failures related to
the present inability to build required modular Xorg packages whilst
using native - e.g. net/tigervnc requires libXfont2, which now fails
ERROR: This package has set PKG_SKIP_REASON:
ERROR: Package set is using native X11 component
(my present libXfont2 is from February this year). The same is
happening also with packages depending on libXft (this one also now
needs modular Xorg, but my last successful build was on the 8th of
April, so the change is recent).

Do we still have the option of using, say. net/tigervnc, with native
Xorg? What would be the right way to sort this out, short of switching
to modular?

BTW this is on a few days old -current amd64 system, if it matters.



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