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pbulk: What can I expect from reuse_scan_results?

Hello together,

I have another question that is burning on my nails. The scan phase of pbulk takes quite a long time for me. So that it goes faster with a potential repetition of the build, I have set reuse_scan_results=yes in the configuration.

On retry, it then even prints out that the scan-results are being reused:

# /usr/pbulk/bin/bulkbuild
Warning: All log files of the previous pbulk run will be
removed in 5 seconds. If you want to abort, press Ctrl-C.
Reusing old scan results
Using old scan results from /mnt/bulklog.old/meta/pscan

However, it takes the same amount of time as without reuse, and the output on the terminal is the same as the previous run. Is this normal behavior, and if so - what can I generally expect from reuse_scan_results?

Kind regards

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