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Re: Patch: include version in OpenBSD target triplet

Greg Troxel wrote:
> > This patch adds the OpenBSD version number to MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM,
> > like the native behaviour, fixing ncurses and possibly other packages.
> >
> > OK to commit? It seems to work fine for me but I'm not quite sure about
> > the full ramifications of this change.
> Is there a specification for what belongs in MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM, from
> which you can clearly say what's right?  It seems unusual to me to have
> version there, and I wonder how many packages will fail with this
> change, vs be fixed.  I am guessing you have not done a bulk build both
> ways.

I'm not aware of any specification, but the system compiler on OpenBSD
uses this notation so it's not strange that programs would use it. It
would be strange if programs relied on it being different from what
OpenBSD does normally.

Haven't set up bulk build yet on this VM (also, not a particularly fast


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