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Re: list of all prerequisites/ dependencies on a package

Am 14.04.2022 um 15:41 schrieb Boyd Lynn Gerber:
Is there a way to create for every package in pkgsrc a
package-name-depends list that I may store on my machine for when I need
to find the dependentcies.  I guess a pre-view?  I would then know in
advance which packages need building to get a desired application like
Java.  Even better, doing so in order would reduce build failures that
are hard to track down because of an issue in an earlier build.

Such a list is already generated by pbulk in its first phase, which
discovers all packages and their variants including their dependencies.
 You can run "bmake pbulk-index" in the top-level pkgsrc directory and
filter out the lines that start with "===>".

There are other targets such as 'index', 'print-index' and 'search',
which are implemented in mk/misc/

The above targets only include the direct dependencies though.

Did you consider using pbulk?  That already takes care of all the above
details that you mentioned.  You can configure it to either build all
pkgsrc packages or a smaller list of packages.  Plus it generates a
detailed report containing exactly the build failures and what packages
could not be built because of that failure.


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