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Re: proposed python change: removing python 3.7

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

> On Wed, 13 Apr 2022 10:14:15 -0400
> Peter Lai <> wrote:
>> Disagree. 3.7 does not EOL until JUN 2023. I recommend we follow
>> upstream support schedule.
> This is a valid point. But if upstream module authors of well-known
> modules start to deprecate support ahead of the core upstream support
> schedule then that is a problem for us. We have to at least acknowledge
> that keeping it comes with the cost of intermittent tree breakage.

Agreed - what I was trying to say, but more concise :-)

> I favor keeping at most three major versions.

The fact that we are even having a discussion about dropping the oldest
of four versions because many things are desupporting it, when that
version has a year to go until EOL is a clue about the python world.  It
means that even though the base package is not yet EOL, a substantial
amount of the python community is treating it as such.

Right now, dropping 3.7 to leave .8 (old), .9 (default), .10 (too new to
be default) sounds right.   I wouldn't want to adopt a "drop 3.8 as we
add 3.11" rule, because 3.11 arriving and upstreams of python packages
starting to de-support 3.8 aren't really causally related.

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