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Re: Seeking status reports on unusual operating systems

Hi Greg,

On AIX 7.1, a clean bootstrap (using -current) attempt fails:

# gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 8.3.0
Copyright (C) 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

# ./bootstrap --abi 64 --compiler gcc --full --pkgdbdir /opt/pkg/.dbdir --prefix /opt/pkg --sysconfbase /opt/pkg/etc --workdir /opt/pkg/bootstrap

I had made some attempt to get it working last year, got a working bootstrap (seemingly) but eventually threw in the towel. AIX ld just doesn't play nice with many packages it seems.

Right now the first thing to fail is trying to link libnbcompat; a pthreads issue. That can be worked around, but I know it's the first of many characters in a deep rabbit hole.

I'd love to help to get it working again.


On 3/31/22 7:02 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:

pkgsrc runs or has run on many operating systems, but time marches on
and one needs a C++17 compiler to compile a lot of things, which doesn't
go so well with the gcc3 binaries for systems that went out of support
20 years ago :-)

But seriously, it would be nice if the list in bootstrap/README of which
systems don't work were more up to date.  This message is a call for

There are four platforms where it is well know that they work:
so no need to mention them.

FreeBSD is listed in the "works well" list in bootstrap/README but not
at  It's pretty clearly 5th on the list of works-well
platforms, so that's fair but it would be nice to sort it better.  If
you are actively building on FreeBSD (did a bootstrap of 2022Q1, have
built a lot of packages, using it seriosly, etc.), pleaes speak up here.
Or if you have used it in the last year, please say that here or just to
me.  If you are doing bulk builds, please say that here too, and
consider sending them to pkgsrc-bulk (where I don't see any reports).

Beyond FreeBSD, for all other platforms, it would be good to get a
bootstrap works/doesn't-work status for 2022Q1, and if it doesn't work
and you know the last quarterly branch where it did work, that's
interesting too.

And, if you actually use pkgsrc on a platform that lacks a
README.${platform}, please write one and send it here or to me

I will interpret lack of response about a platform by the end of 14
April to mean "this platform is believed to have no users".


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