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Re: pkg_chk confused by new configurable PKG_DBDIR

* On 2022-03-22 at 15:02 GMT, Louis Guillaume wrote:

I understand that's true for things like SYSCONFBASE and even PREFIX, which are deeply embedded into the system.

But in this case, for pkg_chk, these are just string values subst'd into a deliverable shell script at build time.

Surely we can separate the `-K /hard/coded/path' and make it `-K ${PKG_DBDIR}', so that gets resolved at runtime.

I agree with Greg that it's not a good idea in general to support this, our packages are always explicitly built for the target system and will contain hardcoded paths intended for reliable operation onto that system.

That said, if you want to make this configurable for any reason, you can use this:

  $ pkg_admin config-var PKG_DBDIR

pkgin uses this to determine the PKG_DBDIR location at runtime, because it also supports alternate pkg_install tools, e.g. to run the test suite.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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