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MesaLib vs. libdrm


On my last pkg_rolling-replace under -current amd64 the update to
MesaLib failed; it is used by a bunch of other packages - e.g.
blender, firefox etc. - and has been working fine. Now it fails as it
insists on building x11/libdrm - which I do not build as I am using
the native X11.

How can I solve this? I really don't want to part from native X11, as
it works fine on the machines I am using it on, including relatively
decent 3d acceleration. There is a big .if / .endif section in the
Makefile depending on MESALIB_SUPPORTS_DRI, which includes buildlink2
from libdrm; when I try to build the latter, I get:

ERROR: This package has set PKG_SKIP_REASON:
ERROR: Package set is using native X11 component
*** Error code 1



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