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guile-slib fixed I think

guile-slib is a twisty maze of guile paths, both our namespacing prefix
and 2.0 vs site vs site/2.0.

Thanks to testing by wiz, I have untangled most of this and guile-slib
(20) and guile22-slib build for me and I can start a guile and
"(use-modules (ice-9 slib))".

With guile 20 only, I find that after having used slib, the package will
not build, and I think it's a bug related to caching of slib's init
function.  If one does 'make replace' in slib, then the build of
guile-slib succeeds, so that's 1) a workaround and 2) further evidence
of a caching bug.

If you have trouble building either, please email me.

If you actually use either, or know of anything in pkgsrc that relies on
it, please also let me know.  I think it's going to be like this for
2022Q1, but longer term I wonder if we should add guile30-slib, just
have one, or something else.  Absent input, I am inclined to continue to
move all packages to the highest guile they can use, and then see where
we are.

Sorry for the excessive number of commit messages.  I kept thinking I
understood, and then not, and that's partly my fault and partly about
the not-yet-understood caching bug.

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