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Is there any interest in having multiple versions of emacs installed simultaneously?

Is there any interest in having multiple versions of emacs installed
simultaneously by pkgsrc?

I would certainly like that.

The simplest solution would be as with some compilers where each variant
is installed with a different prefix, and then either the user can set
their path (and such) appropriately, and possibly one could also employ

I'm not so sure I would be entirely happy with that though.  I'd like
something from both worlds, such as the way python is installed so that
one can invoke the version of choice without having to mess with $PATH
and/or the confusing wrapper configurations.

The emacs binary itself is already part-way there as it is always
installed with "emacs-${PKGVERSION}" (but also currently with a link to
"emacs"), and the standard lisp library is versioned too, but infodir,
mandir, icons, and the installed utilities currently conflict (as does

Some of the other currently quite messy things like the "-nox11" and (as
yet non-existent) "-nextstep" alternatives could similarly be

BTW, I already use a simple versioning for the ELPA and MELPA emacs
packages I install in my user-emacs-directory:

	  (setq package-user-dir (concat user-emacs-directory "packages-"
					 (number-to-string emacs-major-version) "."
					 (number-to-string emacs-minor-version)
	  ;; we must also reset things that depend on `package-user-dir'
	  (setq package-gnupghome-dir (expand-file-name "gnupg" package-user-dir)))

See my whole ~/.emacs.el for how I install a default set of emacs

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