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Re: Testing rust 1.58.1

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On Feb 25, 2022, 17:15, Havard Eidnes <> wrote:
it's that time again, pkgsrc-wip has had rust version 1.58.1 for
quite a while now, and 1.59.0 is out, so I would like to sync
from pkgsrc-wip to main pkgsrc before updating pksrc-wip to
Based on the description and table in
I've drawn up the following table as a normal text file, and
crossed off completed tests and ongoing actions. If anyone else
has done testing which is different than what I've done, it would
be nice to fill in some of the blanks.
This time I've marked those entries which are built with
PKG_OPTIONS.rust+=rust-llvm (build with the internal llvm, which
is non-default).
I've not seen anything in my testing which would indicate there's
a problem with rust itself, and hope to push the update to pkgsrc
- Håvard
x - successfully completed
o - ongoing (some of these take a while)
w - waiting for dependent step, intention to complete
u - failure unrelated to rust itself (other package)
f - failed
OK OS version CPU test
Is supposed to build with external LLVM >= 12
x NetBSD current amd64 -> i386 cross-build
x NetBSD current amd64 -> ppc (8.0) cross-build
x NetBSD current amd64 -> ppc (>=9.0) cross-build
x NetBSD current amd64 -> armv7 cross-build
x NetBSD current amd64 -> aarch64 cross-build
x NetBSD current amd64 -> aarch64_be cross-build
x NetBSD current amd64 -> sparc64 cross-build
NetBSD current amd64 native-build

No problem here, been using it since day one in wip and building all my rust packages with it.

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