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Review Request: wip/zabbix60-*


Zabbix 6.0.0 was released.

I want to import wip/zabbix60-* packages to pkgsrc.
Is anyone willing to review/comment/commit to this?

Changes from sysutils/zabbix50-*:
  - Update Zabbix to 6.0.0
  - Use pcre2 instead of pcre.
  - frontend package requires PHP 7.3+.

  - Support agent2 and web-service pacakges.
    I couldn't figure out how to packaging a Golang application
    which contained in the same source tree as the C code.
  - Submit patches in the packages to
    I think, the best way is original author to submit patch.

Thank you,

Yuuki Enomoto <>
B684 4BF2 9CD4 961F 510A  8121 7B4D FF44 2348 20B8

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