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Re: error building print/sile

Am 19.02.2022 um 05:41 schrieb Mandacarú Cascavel:
Hi, Friends.

Thank you for readily updating pkgsrc/print/sile to the new version
0.12.2. Unhappily I am getting an error when building the package:

./configure: 16205: Syntax error: Bad substitution

When such an error occurs, you are lucky since it contains the exact
error location. Line 16205 of work/sile-0.12.2/configure contains:

> $SED -e "${program_transform_name//\$\$/\$}"

The substitution '/.../.../' is only supported by bash, not by the
regular POSIX shell.

The quick workaround is to add the following to the package Makefile:

USE_TOOLS+=	bash

The proper fix is to tell the upstream authors that they should not use
bash-specific features in their file.

I'm in a hurry right now so I cannot properly test it, but that's how it
should work.


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