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Re: when dependencies are missing (or already present) (Steve Blinkhorn) writes:

> This is all using 2021Q4 and a newly-downloaded pkgsrc.
> I know Dependency Hell is the price of saving space with shared
> libraries, but am I missing something that ought to be blindingly
> obvious to save all the frustration ansd wasted time?

1) If you are using binary packages and sources at the same time, you
can only use packages that correspond to the sources you are using.  So
if the binary package set is from 2021Q4, then you need to check out
pkgsrc-2021Q4 from CVS.

2) You need to have the same options in your sources as used by the
binary build you are using.  For TNF builds, they are defaults, almost
100% true, almost 100% by policy, but probably not quite in strange

3) You either need to do "pkgin fug" to make everything match the binary
package set, or you need to do "pkg_rolling-replace -uv" until all
succeeds, so that all your installed packages correspond to the sources.

4) Using "pkgin sk" and then keep/unkeep to adjust it is useful.   You
can then "pkgin ar" to get rid of things you don't need.

5) "DEPENDS_TARGET=bin-install clean" in mk.conf is helpful when you
build from source and do (4).

6) The "you need to" above is not really true.  But if you depart from
that, you will occasionally have trouble and you will have to resolve
them, by removing, make replace, etc.

Overall I am guessing you are using binary packages from 2021Q4 and
pkgsrc HEAD (current).  That's not going to work because packages from
the two worlds expect different dependencies.  Pick a branch or head and
stick with it until you jump to the next.

Personally, I run 2021Q4 on many machines, and current on a few.  I
build my own binaries from the latest stable branch on one box and run
it on others, for my most production machines.  I don't do any updates
on production machines until I know everything has built.

My advice to you is pick the quarterly stable branch; pkgsrc-current is
for people willing to deal with a bit more trouble.

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