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Updating emulators/klh10 and packaging a guest OS (Panda TOPS-20)

I want to update emulators/klh10, since it's old.

That by itself isn't an issue, it is more about what to do with the
fairly big (498.530.304 bytes uncompressed) disk image in the distfile
(panda-dist.tar.gz) that it uses. The distfile is already on our
distfile fallback server
so I thought it's best to do something useful with it. In fact, the
distfile is meant to distribute the Panda version of the TOPS-20
operating system; the emulator sources in it are mere icing on the cake.

The current/old package just downloads that big distfile only because
of the sources of the emulator in it, and it ignores the bulk.

However, with an emulator alone you can't do much, so it would be nice
to have a package (or the same package maybe) which installs some useful
guest operating system to use with it.

That doesn't seem to fit so well in our package updating strategy. Once
you use the guest OS, you change the disk image. Since the guest OS
should logically depend on the emulator, any update of the emulator
would cause a re-install. That seems rather impractical.

There is a mechanism in pkgsrc for config files, but those are fairly
small. That is to install the upstream version as an "example" file, and
only make a copy to an etc directory if there isn't one yet.

I'm not sure that model is useful for binary files of 475 MB.
Does anyone have some clever suggestion here? Or is is totally
unfeasable to create a package for some large "example-style" files?

The current unfinished state of an updated klh10 package is in

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