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Re: Cresting a PLIST for UniWare 7 for Python-3.9.9

Boyd Lynn Gerber <> writes:

> I will eventually modify the Makefile and add PLIST.UnixWare
> I did the following:
> # cd /home/build/pkgsrc_build/lang/python39/
> # bmake
> # bmake print-PLIST > PLIST.UnixWare
> # mv PLIST PLIST.orig
> # cp -p PLIST.UnixWare PLIST
> # bmake install

This seems off.   I would recommend instead doing print-PLIST to a temp
file and then running diff -u and understanding what's different.

Generally, PLIST.FooOS is a set of files that are *only* installed on
FooOS, to be unioned into the regular set.

> => Generating post-install file lists
> => Checking file-check results for python39-3.9.9nb2
> ERROR: ************************************************************
> ERROR: The following files are in
> /home/build/pkgsrc_build/lang/python39/work/.destdir/usr/pkg but not
> in the PLIST:
> /home/build/pkgsrc_build/lang/python39/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/lib/python3.9/site-packages/__pycache__/_distutils_system_mod.cpython-39.opt-1.pyc
> /home/build/pkgsrc_build/lang/python39/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/lib/python3.9/site-packages/__pycache__/_distutils_system_mod.cpython-39.pyc

It would be good to look at the build and see if you can convince
yourself that the build *should* be generating those on unixware.   If
so, then adding to a per-OS PLIST is good.  If not, the right fix is to
stop making them.

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