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RE: Perl and Opendmarc issues


Nope Opendmarc...

opendmarc(8)                System Manager's Manual

       opendmarc - DMARC email policy filter for MTAs

       opendmarc [-A] [-c configfile] [-f] [-l] [-n] [-p socketspec] [-P
       pidfile] [-t file[,file[...]]] [-u userid[:group]] [-v] [-V]

       opendmarc implements the proposed DMARC specification for
       authentication of message and reporting of observed traffic.

       opendmarc uses the milter interface, originally distributed as part
       version 8.11 of sendmail(8), to provide a DMARC processing service
       mail transiting a milter-aware MTA.

       Most, if not all, of the command line options listed below can also
       set using a configuration file.  See the -c option for details.

       opendmarc relies on addition of Authentication-Results fields by
       upsteam filters on trusted hosts to collect input to the DMARC
       algorithm.  It does not itself do DKIM or SPF evaluation.

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> Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
> Also note that the opendmarc binary package appears to be missing
> from the repository

Are you sure your not looking for the opendkim package instead? dmarc
is something you setup in your dns records, not on the mail server. you
setup dmarc after setting up dkim on your mail server and spf on your

Also note, rspamd can replace opendkim if your already using rspamd.
Less parts to fail always a good thing.

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