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Re: shells/fish

Try rm -fr /usr/pkgsrc/shells/fish/work
instead of (or in addition to if you like)
make clean  (a "make clean" before the
cvs update might have worked, but it is too
late for that now).

The latter tends to only remove files that it
believes were created, when a file exists (or was
created) in an old version, but no longer exists,
of is no longer created, in the new version, a make
clean done from the new Makefile will typically simply
leave the file behind.

You could also check if underscore-1.12.0.js is in the
fish-3.1.1 tarball, if not, and it exists after "make
extract" (before even "make patch") then it must have
existed immediately before the "make extract" as all the
latter really does is untar the tarball (after checksum
verification, etc).


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