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Re: Obsolete links at

On Mon, 15 Nov 2021, nia wrote:

> The source pages have already been updated, it might be a while
> before the live site updates. There have been problems with ikiwiki
> on NetBSD infrastructure recently.


> In case you're curious:
> * [AIX](
> * [OSF/1](
> * [HP-UX](

Thanks, I knew before about that operating systems (in fact I worked as
HP-UX and AIX sysadmin in a previous life), but I accidentally
discovered the problem with the OSF/1 link  and I decided to check the
other links before bothering anyone for fixing it :-)

Francisco J. Tsao Santín
1024D/71CF4D62  42 F1 53 35 EF 98 98 8A FC 6C 56 B3 4C A7 7D FB

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