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Re: cmake on macOS broken?

On 2021-10-30 19:20, Thomas Klausner wrote:
That's with cmake-3.21.3nb2.  Does this work for anyone else, or does
anyone have an idea what the problem is?

This has happened here when using a non-Xcode generator for quite a while. (Since Xcode 13.0, I believe).

(I found a workaround of setting
but then it fails during the build because it does not find pthread.h,
which the cmake configuration step did find.)

Yeah, it's unable to find both the headers and libraries. It behaves like they removed a bunch of implicit header and library paths in the actual compiler/linker. If you forcibly add them you'll get further along, but when I got to the point where only certain C++ headers where found I gave up and used the Xcode generator (which is iiiinnnccccrreeeeddddiiiibbbbllllyyyy ssslllllooooowww).

Kind Regards,

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