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On 10/15, Richard Sass wrote:
> usr/pkg/etc/pkgin: pkgin up
> processing remote summary
> (
> pkgin: Could not fetch
> y.gz
> I've used this repository for quite some time. Should I be pointing
> elsewhere?

I'm sure there's someone else who knows more than me on this, but my
guess would be that it's a temporary failure.  If you want to try
something else, though, you could replace "" with
"" in repositories.conf.

Checking, I see that the 9.0 directory does not exist


But on, it does exist.  So, I'd say something is not
right with ATM.

On a related note, if your pkgin supports TLS, I would switch the URL
scheme from "http" to "https".  I don't believe the binary packages from
TNF are signed, so if you're not using HTTPS, you're vulnerable to a
MITM attack.  Of course, if you're using HTTPS and the server you're
fetching binary packages from is compromised, you're still hosed because
the packages are not signed.  If the packages were signed, then it would
be fine to use HTTP.


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