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Re: pg_dumpall restore question

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> > and my workaround was to do
>> > 
>> >     psql -d postgres -f backupfile
>> > 
>> > instead. Why is that necessary?
>> > Thomas
>> `psql` has to connect to a database; the database name defaults to
>> username and that doesn't exists in your case, so you have to provide
>> an existing database name.
> Thanks. And why does it seem to exist in other setups?
> Is there something we do differently in pkgsrc to other packaging systems?
> Should we have a 'postgres' user instead of the 'pgsql' one?

A good question about other setups.  But given the comment about
template1, I'd say that guides that expect a database named matching the
user are just incorrect, and we shouldn't contort for them.    If it's
wrong in official pgsql docs, it seems a bug report is in order, and if
it's someplace else....

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