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Re: [mrustc] progress on binary-less rust bootstrap (on NetBSD-9 amd64)

Dave B <> writes:

> For source purists: it appears to be possible now to boostrap rustc
> 1.39.0 on NetBSD-9 amd64 completely from source code--without
> having to download any binaries nor rely on cross-compilation from
> another platform.  A project I stumbled on called "mrustc"
> [] (with some
> adjustments to make it work under NetBSD) is what made this doable
> for me.  mrustc support for rust 1.54 is under way as well, IIUC.

That's really interesting.

I can see muliple threads of effort and progress on any of them is
probably useful:

  package mrustc (wip first, usually) including your changes to it

  get the mrustc changes upstreamed (I think it's really important in
  pkgsrc to get fixes upstreamed, so that upstreams know non-Linux use
  happens, and so that we don't need to keep merging patches.

  Add some sort of scheme to build a rustc from mrustc.

  Add some scheme to be able to bootstrap forward.  It could be a lot of
  steps.  Right now we only have one rust version, but it might be that
  there should be some way to have older ones as well, or something that
  builds them without needing packages.  This is proabbly the only part
  that is likely to have real disagreements.

So my advice is to get mrustc into wip, even if the package doesn't even
sort of build, any progress or documentation of what you are doing is
helpful.  Once in wip, other people tend to just make improvements, as
the process of mailing partial package tarballs and unpacking them is

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