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LibreOffice build failure


While building LibreOffice as part of 'pkg_rolling-replace
-rsuv' I am getting:

[build CXX] connectivity/source/commontools/ConnectionWrapper.cxx
In function 'YYRESULTTAG yyuserAction(yyRuleNum, int, yyGLRStackItem*,
yyGLRStack*, long int, YYSTYPE*)':
error: 'yyn' was not declared in this scope; did you mean 'yyk'?
  138 | #define SQL_NEW_RULE    newNode("", SQLNodeType::Rule, yyr1[yyn])
      |                                                             ^~~
note: in expansion of macro 'SQL_NEW_RULE'         5484 |
   ((*yyvalp).pParseNode) = SQL_NEW_RULE;
      |                                          ^~~~~~~~~~~~

This then repeats itself many times. I already have LibreOffice built previously, this must be something new.



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