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syslog-ng problem


Not knowing much about syslog-ng, I installed the latest - 3.34 -
version from pkgsrc and switched a couple of machines to use it to get
acquainted. I see it is a rather massive undertaking and should need
some effort to use it properly. What I noticed is that when
/var/lib/messages reaches the size stipulated by /etc/newsyslog.conf
and, on the hour, newsyslog is executed, syslog-ng stops recording
anything in /var/log/messages until one restarts it:
Sep 24 01:00:00 ymir newsyslog[11908]: log file turned over
Sep 25 10:21:15 ymir syslog-ng[11454]: syslog-ng starting up; version='3.34.1'
Sep 25 10:21:44 ymir postfix/qmgr[2204]: EED9988F35: from=<>,
size=2719, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

For the moment I have commented out root's crontab newsyslog entry,
but surely that would not be the right thing to do...

I am using the default syslog-ng configuration files.



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