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rc.d script to start gunicorn

I have started to install taiga on a NetBSD host and I would like to package it in the near future. I have written a rc.d script to start the backend of this application which is installed in /srv/taiga/taiga-back. The start command works correctly but the stop one fails with the following message:
taiga is located in /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d
taiga not running? (check /var/run/taiga/gunicorn.log).

The pidfile contains the correct PID of the main gunicorn execution. But when I check ps -o "pids,args" -A | grep taiga, I get something like: 2006 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3.9 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/gunicorn -D -p /var/run/taiga/gunicorn.log -w 4 taiga.wsgi 5531 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3.9 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/gunicorn -D -p /var/run/taiga/gunicorn.log -w 4 taiga.wsgi 9001 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3.9 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/gunicorn -D -p /var/run/taiga/gunicorn.log -w 4 taiga.wsgi 17458 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3.9 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/gunicorn -D -p /var/run/taiga/gunicorn.log -w 4 taiga.wsgi 18752 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3.9 /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/gunicorn -D -p /var/run/taiga/gunicorn.log -w 4 taiga.wsgi

I think the problem comes from the _find_processes function of /etc/rc.subr since /srv/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3.9 does not match $command. Any idea on how handle this kind of daemon?

# $NetBSD$
# PROVIDE: taiga

$_rc_subr_loaded . /etc/rc.subr

command_args="-D -p ${pidfile} -w 4 taiga.wsgi"
taiga_env="PYTHONUNBUFFERED=true DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings.config"

run_rc_command "$1"

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