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Re: Will OpenSSL 1.1l be back ported to 2021Q2?

On Tue, 7 Sep 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:

So pkgsrc does not have a responsibility to users to do updates, and in particular no individual has a responsibility to TNF of any user of pkgsrc to take any affirmative step.

I am tripping on the acronym 'TNF'.

Translate, please?


...a society must incorporate the rationalizing
power symbolized by scientific knowledge, for
otherwise it will be a fatally split society-
split between a powerful elite and the
disenfranchised mass. To this we add now: an
irrational elite is the most dangerous of all.

Holton, Gerald. 1985. On the Integrity of
Science: The Issues Since Bronowski. Leonardo
18 (4), Special Issue: Jacob Bronowski: A
Retrospective (1985): 229-232.

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