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qemu user networking broken?


After updating from pkgsrc qemu-6.0.0nb2 to qemu-6.1.0 one of my
development VMs I use for work stuff doesn't network correctly any more.
When I try to SSH to the VM on port 28001, the whole qemu process core
dumps with this mystery message:

Slirp:ERROR:../slirp/src/tcp_subr.c:477:tcp_connect: assertion failed: (ret == )
Bail out! Slirp:ERROR:../slirp/src/tcp_subr.c:477:tcp_connect: assertion failed)

Google searches turn up nothing. Looking at the code there is
a getnameinfo(3) call just above the assert so I guess it could be
some BSD specific compatibility issue. Anyone else have this problem?

Command line used for network:

-netdev user,id=n1,net=,hostfwd=tcp::28001- 
-device virtio-net,netdev=n1

Kind regards,

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