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wip/tahoe at 1.16.0rc0

I just pushed tahoe-1.16.0rc0 to wip.

This is vastly ahead of filesystems/tahoe and now supports python 3.

Because tahoe depends on some things that are only available as python3
in pkgsrc, I've marked it not for 27, even though that isn't true.  But
I have no interest in adding old versions of things at this point, if
it's not necessary to make something work.

You will need py-foolscap from a few minutes ago.

Upstream believes this is ok with python 3 (tests, seems to work).  If
you care about tahoe and are using it from pkgsrc, then:

  Please let me know that you exist; I'm guessing it's really just me
  plus some other "I wish I had time to get around to setting up tahoe"

  Please test.

It's possible I'll actually put an rc into pkgsrc proper, since the old
one is so old, and it's possible they'll release in time for Q3.

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