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Re: Anti-bundling materials

On 8/21/21 9:48 AM, Jason Bacon wrote:
On 8/21/21 8:49 AM, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
On 08/20, Jason Bacon wrote:

Does pkgsrc have a document somewhere similar to the following?

I've had some positive responses sharing these links with upstream
developers.  Also some silence, but never a negative response.  ;-)
Increasing the size of the chorus might make it more convincing, though.

I assume you include in this the non-C/C++ library case too, right?  (To
me, the language the dependency is written in makes no difference; the
issues are the same.)

The practice of bundling (a.k.a. vendoring) is rampant in the Java and
Ruby world.  And, not speaking from experience, it seems similar in the
Node.js, Go, and Rust world, to name a few more.  FYI, it was discussed
in January on pkgsrc-users at

Unfortunately, the conclusion seemed to be that separately packaging all
of the dependencies was unworkable. :-(

I think it might be possible if the process of creating packages for
the dependencies was 100% automated.  But even if successful with that,
there's a second problem: getting upstreams to adopt a configurable
approach to be able to use externally supplied dependencies rather than
the bundled/vendored dependencies that they've been written for.


I'm not suggesting that bundling/vendoring should be forbidden in all cases, just that we can help discourage poor practices among upstream developers.  Of course it's impossible to unbundle everything.

In the case of GO modules, it's not really bundling in the sense discussed in these links.  GO dependencies are separate projects, but they're downloaded and inserted into the source tree at build time.

What we're talking about here is things like copying a C library into an application's source dist, which then falls behind the mainstream version that may already be available as a pkgsrc package.  This practice is common in scientific software and leads to security issues and other bugs that are difficult to fix because the software uses an outdated API.

If we add our voice to the chorus, we might convince a few more upstream developers to stop doing this and our job as packagers will become a little easier.

It's just a matter of posting a small document that might nudge some developers in the right direction.

If we don't have such a document, I'd be happy to write something up. I'd be inclined to make it a section in the pkgsrc guide.

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