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Re: tools for losslessly manipulating mp3s

Dear nia,

On 2021-08-17, nia wrote:
> yo pkgsrc-users@,
> for Legacy Reasons, I have a significant collection music that
> is only available in MP3 and is no longer available for purchase
> (etc.). Some of this music was clearly recorded from vinyl and
> other sources without properly removing the last part of the
> previous track.
> I wonder if there's any software in pkgsrc (or that I could package)
> which can cut MP3s without re-encoding them or causing any loss in
> quality.

Would something like this work?

  ffmpeg4 -i bsd415.mp3 -ss 00:00:10.150 -to 00:00:30.100 -codec: copy /tmp/test.mp3

which copies segments with timestamps 00:00:10.150 through 00:00:30.100.
I am not sure how time-accurate it is, it depends on the lengths of the

Kind regards,

Yorick Hardy

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